The firm pursuing smithery and metal-coining arose in 1989. Its first job orders were specified for the centre of folk art production. The sphere of its customers has been further extended, namely not only in Czech Republic but also in foreign countries.

There is a big representative and a teacher for our firm in the smithery field - a master Habermann. That´s why we take part in his special courses and lectures.

Partly we pursue producing Damascene steels. In that sphere we have got experiences at the master of Damascene smithing Mr. Hans Utzman from Germany.

Because we are interested in old handicrafts, there is an old beautiful craft ranged as a part of our production range - the metal-coining. The master in this branch Mr. Snášel let us into secrets of this handicraft. The cupolas of many churches and historic buildings are decorated with the metal-coining products made just in our workshop.

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